Lesson Plans

In this section you will find twelve downloadable lesson plans that focus on the issues of media literacy, intercultural dialogue and misunderstanding. The plans are written by teachers, for teachers, and they support teachers of Citizenship and Social Education who really want to bring their lessons to life and engage their students in real social issues. The lesson plans are supported by resource worksheets and video clips where needed.

Lesson Plan 1 – What is Culture?

This lesson is all about defining culture. What is culture, and what is cultural diversity? When we read in the media about the growing need for intercultural dialogue between cultures that are apparently drifting apart, what does this mean?

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Lesson Plan 2 – Why is Cultural Diversity a positive thing?

This lesson encourages students to see cultural diversity as a positive thing. One of the key pillars of UNESCO is celebrating cultural diversity ... imagine a world if we were all the same .....

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Lesson Plan 3 – A vision for 2020 – what do you want your country to be like?

Wherever we come from in the world, we all have aspirations for the future. What do you want your life and your country to be like in 2020 - by then, you may be married, and be a parent!

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Lesson Plan 4 – How I feel my own culture is misunderstood by others

Look at yourself in the mirror ....what is your own culture like .... how would you describe your own culture to someone who had never been to your country? How do you think other people might misunderstand your culture?

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