Digital Campfire – Interact with the team

Welcome to our digital campfire; we realise that many of you cannot be here with us under the stars; this section is set up to enable you to interact and engage with the team, and the journey. Here you can send us a tweet, post a question to the team and follow our tweets and blogs. For teachers, please remember to visit the classroom section of the website where you can access our downloadable lesson plans, plans that mirror many of the campfire discussions we will be having.

Campfire Discussions – Post a Question to the team

Come and join us around the fire. Use this section to post a question to the desert team – as soon as the team emerges from the sands at the end of their experience, they will share their thoughts, and answer your questions.

  1. Hello :).

    I am a student from Macedonia, and i heard about this programe a month ago from a friend from Estonia. But i didn’t get any information about the programe… for instance, is it paid, do you have to pay, is it for free and what do you guys do?

    Thanks in advance, and by the way i would like to join you but i don’t have a budget to come to Oman, so that’s why my first question was, is it paid? :D

    - Berkan Asanovski .
  2. Hello good afternoon :)

    I am Sophia, a young portuguese-german music student. Currently I am on my Gap Year and I am looking for new learning experiences.
    About a week ago I met a girl on a Youth Exchange in Vienna, who told me about this project.
    As I am very interested about learning more about other cultures, to discuss the differences and similarities between people with different origines, to try to find solutions for today’s world problems, she recommended me this project.

    I would like to know how can I apply? Is it still possible to apply for one of these next projects in 2017, or only in 2018?

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards,

    Sophia Rexrodt Meleiro

    - Sophia Rexrodt Meleiro .
  3. Hiiii sanad.. how r u ??? how is the trip ?? we miss you here

    - Rasha .
  4. Hi, my name is Marina, and I will be part of the project in the expedition of December 2017. I would like to know if anybody will be waiting for the participants at the airport. Thanks a lot!

    - Marina .

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