‘In all our international endeavours, we enact Oman’s wider mission in playing a constructive role in the dialogue among civilisations, enriching cultural exchange and fostering ties of friendship and collaboration that will endure’.


Qaboos bin Said,   Sultan of Oman

Oman is the perfect home for Connecting Cultures. Sultan Qaboos’ four-decade rule has seen the sultanate transformed from a conservative, isolated country into one of the Middle East’s most progressive and prosperous. Modernisation is key to this country, and great sensitivity has been shown towards maintaining traditional values and sustainable development. Ancient crafts such as weaving are actively supported and historic buildings have been restored. Authentic Arabian hospitality and a striking natural landscape sets Oman apart from other countries in the gulf.

You will find a few high-rise buildings in the capital, Muscat, but generally development is low-key. The country’s heritage of forts is impressive. Numbering more than 2,000 (and several of them given UNESCO World Heritage status), they are meticulously restored.

From the hustle and bustle of local souks to the tranquillity of 21st-century hotels and resorts, you will find the traditional and modern co-existing peacefully. A ‘Renaissance’ towards an age of prosperity and progression it may be, but wherever you go in Oman, you will still find traditional Arabian hospitality and Islamic culture at its best, the perfect home for Connecting Cultures.